vrijdag 5 januari 2018

Winter in St Rémy-de-Provence

Now that the kids have their schoolholidays, we decided to take them to St Rémy de Provence on wednesday, which is their market day. It was a nice 18°C and a clear blue sky, not bad for the 3rd of january.


St Rémy is situated in the Alpilles, an hour drive from our place. It's at the same time an architectural gem with beautiful townhouses (maybe next time I'll focus on these) and cute Provençal houses with soft pastel details and shopwindows, well taken care of in Provençal tradition.

You have the impression of walking through postcard streets...

During this time of year, their green decorations are quite something so we took a buch of pictures to hold that last tinge of X-mas time a little longer.

At noon, it was difficult choosing a nice restaurant since there are so many! In the end, we chose a real Italian restaurant: Fratelli! We read about them in one of our favorite magazines, Côté Sud, some time ago and loved their nicely decorated restaurant and their radical choice for the finest high quality Italian ingrediënts, mostly from small familybusinesses. In summer it must be nice to dine on their rooftopterrace aswell.

We ended our day in the 'Carrières de Lumières', in the nearby medieval town of Les Baux de Provence. We really wanted to see the show with Bosch, Brueghel & Arcimboldo as it are the last days of this show. Next year the Spanish masters are up as of march 2nd. It's truely a magical and impressive experience.


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