vrijdag 29 december 2017

Les Oliviers du Taulisson * Our Organic Olive Oil

Organic Olive Oil

The triple O ...

and one just might add some more O's ...
just because nothing can compare to the taste of real organic olives, handpicked with love and then squeezed into this delicious golden fluid.

Last year (here) we chose to bottle in 1 liter bottles, which is ideal for cooking. However, we prefer simple, elegant smaller bottles to be put on the table, so we decided to choose new bottles and design new labels.

For the 0,5l bottles, we went for a rectangular and clear glass. We drew a white drop and added our logo in a very minimalistic way with the same colours as in all our designs: dark grey & gold.

On the top of the bottles, we've put golden caps to match with our designs. We also decided to add a warrantyseal with our own designed olivebranch in gold and 'Handpicked in' on one side and 'Les Valettes' on the other side.

We do not treat our olive trees but take care of them with love and respect to nature. The result is an all natural and pure product, unfiltered to keep that little extra in taste. As for the storage of this elegant and highquality product, we bought a large inox barrel, directly from the factory in Italy. Same for the bottles, we prefer to directly buy them at the Italian factory and not just somewhere else around the world where it's cheaper in price but the quality is less and the environmental cost is high.

For the even smaller bottles of 0,25l, we found a beautiful long cylindric dark green glass. Inside or in the shadow, it looks as if it's alsmot black, hence the black caps we put on top.

Yet again, we went for simplicity to put emphasis on the quality. We've ordered transparent round labels with white writing of our B&B name, which matches perfectly with every kind of table.

If you're curious about last year's labels, you can check that blogpost here, although the writing is in Flemish.

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